Cardiff: Ghosts of Llandaff Self-Guided Audio Tour

South Wales, Wales
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About this experience

Follow the forgotten but, in places, ancient pathways which lie behind Llandaff Cathedral. Isolated, atmospheric, and away from modern urban Cardiff, they are filled with mystery, atmosphere, legend and ghost stories. It is no wonder. In places these paths were ancient Celtic trade routes, or medieval roadways.
They are filled with strange and sometimes spine chilling tales of ghosts and phantoms, still being witnessed and reported in modern times. In places the atmosphere can become strange, overwhelming, even sinister, especially in the dark seclusion of night!

This tour follows a circular route taking you along a mysterious and atmospheric wooded lane, the scene of many ghostly experiences, before following the riverbank where more ghostly encounters and legends are told. The route turns back towards the Cathedral for more tales, and culminates in the old abandoned and overgrown woodland graveyard, with its intense atmosphere and ghostly tales.

The stories are highlights from The Llandaff Ghost Walk, which I researched, created and operated under the name of “Cardiff History and Hauntings” from 2009-2019, and whose tales form part of a new book scheduled for publication in 2020.

The Llandaff Ghost Walk captured media attention locally and nationally and welcomed thousands of participants from all over the world. Every tale you hear on this tour has been faithfully researched and retold and when, in the second half of the tour, I share with you my own personal ghostly experiences of this place, I can assure you that my accounts are honest and faithful, whatever it was being experienced at the time.

I cannot of course guarantee that you will experience a ghost on this tour. However, I hope that you find it intriguing, captivating and, in places, as spine chilling as I did when I walked these paths, in the night, in the dark!

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    35 minute

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    South Wales

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    • Spring
    • Autumn
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    • Cardiff Airport
    • Swansea Airport
    • Cardiff Central Station

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