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Around 2 billion people travel each year for tourism purposes. Travel and tourism connect people and bring the world closer through shared experiences, cultural awareness and community building. So let’s make sure that future generations can experience all the beautiful things our planet has to offer in the same way we did.

Read more in the article below on what you can do. Even the smallest steps make a difference!

Some easy & helpful guidelines

1 – Move around carbon-free
Look for alternative in-destination transportation where ever you can. Rent a bicycle, go on a canoeing trip or simply enjoy a lovely walk.

2 – Savour local dishes
Eat fresh and in season produce as this also helps reducing our carbon footprint. Besides local food tasting fabulous!

3 – Be thoughtful with water
On the whole, tourists use far more water than local residents. Use water wisely.

4 – Respect animals
When animals get used to receiving food from humans, their natural behavior is altered and they become dependent on people for survival. In some cases, it can also lead to human-animal conflict.

5 – Don't leave a trace
If you minimise single-use plastics and opt for a sustainable tote bag made by a local artist, your environmental footprint is greatly reduced.

Step lightly, enjoy heavily

Traveling is a beautiful experience that broadens our horizons. It connects us with diverse cultures and landscapes. As travelers, we have the power to make a positive impact on the places we visit. But we can also (unknowingly) mess things up.
The Leave No Footprints (LNT) guidelines can help with that. So we can minimise our environmental and social footprint while we enjoy those enriching travel experiences. Leaving behind only memories.

6 – Do some initial research
Research your destination to understand local customs and regulations and prepare by packing eco-friendly products like bio-degradable soap and solar lanterns.

7 – Stick to the trail
When exploring natural areas, it is wise to stick to established trails and campsites. You might not notice at once, but trampling on vegetation can have long-lasting effects on fragile ecosystems. Treading lightly helps respect our beautiful nature.

8 – Eye on your waste
The most significant impact travelers can have is through waste generation. Carry reusable water bottles and food containers. Put garbage in its designated bins or bring it back to civilisation to avoid litter.

9 – Leave what you find
Resist the temptation to take souvenirs and leave rocks, plants, and cultural artifacts untouched to preserve the landscape and respect local heritage. By leaving things as you found them, you ensure that others can enjoy the same experience in the future.

10 – Minimize campfire impacts
Campfires are the best! Just remember to use existing fire rings or portable stoves, keep fires small, and use only dead and downed wood for fuel. Make absolutely sure to fully extinguish fires before leaving.

11 – Respect wildlife
Observe wildlife from a distance to avoid disturbing their natural behaviors. At night, refrain from shining a flashlight in their eyes as this blinds them. When you hear a noise, use a red light instead and shine above their heads. Never feed wild animals, as this can disrupt ecosystems and endanger both animals and humans. Remember that we are guests in their habitat!

12 – Be considerate of others
Finally, other travelers and the local community will thank you for being mindful. Respect quiet hours, share trails and campsites courteously, and always be considerate of cultural norms and traditions.

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