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Travelers' money still too often ends up in the wrong pockets. But by engaging with locals, you can genuinely contribute to the growth of local economies as a traveler.

Read more in the article below on what you can do. Even the smallest steps make a difference!

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how tourism can do good

Conscious travel urges travelers to be mindful of their impact. One crucial aspect is empowering local communities. Ensuring that the economic benefits of tourism reach those who need it the most.
As travelers, we have the power to make a positive difference by proactively supporting locally-owned hospitality businesses, guides, marketplaces, and engaging in volunteering opportunities. By doing so, we contribute to a more even distribution of wealth, help preserve cultural integrity, and create meaningful connections with the places we visit.

Two of our partners explain

"When travelers buy directly from us, it's not just about the sale. It's about preserving our craft and our way of life. Each purchase supports not only me and my family but also the tradition and heritage that I'm proud to be a part of."

Frida, Artisan Weaver

"As a guide, I'm not just showing travelers around; I'm sharing my passion for my country and its culture. It's incredibly fulfilling to see visitors interested in our stories and traditions. When they choose to support local businesses and initiatives, it makes a real difference in the lives of my community."

Juhani, Tour Guide

Here's what you can do

When planning your next adventure, consider these tips to empower communities and support sustainable tourism:

1 – Choose locally owned accommodations
Instead of opting for international hotel chains, seek out locally-owned guesthouses, homestays, or family-run boutique hotels. These places are often deeply rooted in the community and provide authentic experiences that reflect the local culture. By staying here, you directly support local entrepreneurs and contribute to the local economy.

2 – Book with local guides
Local guides possess invaluable knowledge about their homeland, offering insights that go beyond guidebooks. When booking tours or excursions, choose guides from the community and help create employment opportunities for residents.

3 – Support local initiatives
Many destinations have projects that preserve cultural traditions. What about a village homestay, handicraft workshop, or guided nature walk led by indigenous communities. By participating in these activities, you not only gain a deeper understanding of the local way of life but also provide direct support to the communities involved.

4 – Volunteer
Consider dedicating some of your time to volunteer work during your travels. Many destinations welcome volunteers to assist with community development projects, environmental conservation efforts, or educational initiatives. Whether it's teaching English at a local school, participating in beach clean-ups, or helping to build infrastructure, volunteering allows you to give back to the communities you visit in a meaningful way.

5 – Buy local
Skip those souvenir shops filled with mass-produced stuff and instead explore local markets and artisan workshops. Purchasing goods directly from local artisans not only guarantees unique, high-quality products but also ensures that your money goes directly to the creators. Whether it's handwoven textiles, traditional artwork, or locally-made handicrafts, these purchases have a meaningful impact on the livelihoods of artisans and their families.

6 – Eat at locally-owned restaurants
Food plays a central role in every culture, and sampling local cuisine is an important part of your travel experience. Seek out family-owned eateries, street food stalls, and markets where you can try authentic dishes prepared with locally-sourced ingredients. You will support small-scale farmers, food producers, and culinary traditions passed down through generations.

Let your trip boost others

By proactively engaging with locals, travelers can ensure that their money has a positive and lasting impact on the communities they visit. Moreover, supporting local enterprises helps preserve the unique identity of each destination. For next generations to enjoy!

Book and support charities!

Did you know that Ravlling helps local charities with your support?

For each booking made through us, we donate part of the proceeds to one of our carefully selected local charity partners. At no extra cost to you.

Your travels make a difference!

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