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Encouraging conscious travelling. Not to travel less, but to travel differently. To go left when everyone else is going right. Positively impact nature, heritage and local communities.

Because your travels can make the difference!

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4 – With each booking via Ravlling
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Meet the Ravlling team

Meet Roy, Karmen, Heini and Claire! We are convinced that travel can be a force for good. So join us on our journey that positively impacts local lives, communities, culture, and Earth's extraordinary beauty.

With as our data-, design, and technology partner, the Ravlling platform continuously evolves.

Stay ahead with new features and destinations added frequently, ensuring an ever-enhanced experience for you!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Ravlling for?
Ravlling is crafted for the rapidly expanding community of conscious travelers. If you're new to conscious travel, rest assured! Instead of imposing strict do's and dont’s, we're here to offer guidance in discovering what resonates best with your travel style and help you explore.

Where do Ravlling donations go?
With each booking, we contribute to a local charitable cause of your destination, ensuring your travels create a meaningful difference. At no extra cost to you. 100% of the donations go directly to the designated good cause. Ravlling operates under Dutch law, ensuring transparency and accountability in our business practices. We adhere to the best practices of the Global Sustainable Tourism Committee.

Why is there a need for Ravlling?
We all want to discover those rare, hidden gems in Europe. However, only 1% of Earth’s travel spots get 99% of tourists, leading to 'over-tourism' issues like damaged nature, lost culture, and economic inequality.
Today, 90% of travellers seek sustainable options. Yet, 7 in 10 feel overwhelmed when trying to be a more conscious traveller.

Can partners Influence their search ranking on Ravlling?
No, partners cannot directly influence their ranking by paying us. However, they can positively impact their ranking by ensuring that their information aligns with our positive impact score.

Book and support charities!

Did you know that Ravlling helps local charities with your support?

For each booking made through us, we donate part of the proceeds to one of our carefully selected local charity partners. At no extra cost to you.

Your travels make a difference!

If you’re interested in collaborating with Ravlling, contact us at and we’ll get back to you!

Ravlling is a proud partner of almost 100 local tourist offices

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