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Would you go left when everybody else is going right? We encourage you wholeheartedly to give it a try.  As traveling to an alternative destination and outside the high season helps with a more even distribution of travelers.

Read more in the article below on what you can do. Even the smallest steps make a difference!

Alarmbells ringing
how to counter overtourism

The allure of traveling to Europe's iconic destinations has never been stronger. We are all secretly hoping to have those extraordinary places all for ourselves. But instead research shows that 1% of Earth's travel destinations receives 99% of of all tourists. Overtourism presents a significant challenge to both local communities and the environment.

Understanding the numbers

In popular cities like Rome and Barcelona, overtourism has led to staggering visitor-to-resident ratios. A 2023 report by Eurostat indicates that during peak seasons, these ratios can exceed 100:1, significantly impacting the quality of life for residents and straining local infrastructure.

Economic Inequality
The economic imbalance fuelled by overtourism is evident. In Northern Europe, only 20% of tourism revenue stays within local communities, according to a report by VisitBritain. This contrast widens in rural areas, where as little as 5% of spending benefits local economies, worsening regional inequalities.

Cultural Erosion
Popular European destinations face the risk of cultural erosion due to overtourism. A 2023 study by UNESCO revealed that rapid commercialization and the expansion of souvenir shops in cities like Venice and Amsterdam threaten the authenticity of local cultures, leading to the displacement of traditional communities and practices.

Biodiversity Loss
Europe's natural landscapes are not immune to the impacts of overtourism. A 2023 study published in the journal Conservation Biology found that popular hiking trails in the Swiss Alps and the Dolomites experience significant degradation due to increased foot traffic, threatening fragile ecosystems and biodiversity.

Social Disruption
Overtourism can also lead to social disruption and conflict in European communities. Research by the European Travel Commission in 2021 highlighted tensions between residents and tourists in destinations like Dubrovnik and Santorini, where overcrowding and noise pollution have strained local relationships and severely damaged communal solidarity.

Preserving the magic

In the face of overtourism's alarming impact, conscious travel is more essential than ever. Fortunately there's a number of ways to counter this.

1 – Choose off-peak travel
Opting for off-peak seasons can relieve pressure on overcrowded areas. Giving you a more authentic travel experience.

2 – Dive into the unknown
Why not try out those lesser known destinations: they might surprise you with their beauty, warm local communities and the opportunity to enjoy this all with just a handful of other visitors.

3 – Respect local culture
Educate yourself about the traditions and customs of the places you visit. Show respect for local norms, dress codes, and etiquettes. You'll contribute to mutual understanding and appreciation.

4 – Support local businesses
Support the local economy by visiting small businesses, artisans, and community-run enterprises. Your spending directly benefits the livelihoods of locals.

5 – Engage in meaningful experiences
Seek out authentic cultural encounters, volunteer opportunities, and responsible wildlife encounters that promote positive interactions with local communities.

6 – Minimize environmental footprint
Practice responsible waste management, conserve water and energy, choose eco-friendly accommodations and local tour operators. Leave no trace and even strive to leave destinations better than you found them.

And that's it: even the smallest steps can have big impact!
By joining the conscious travel movement you will actively help preserve the magic of Europe's stunning beauty.

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