Half day Stockholm culture tour

Östergötland, Sweden
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About this experience

We start with Gustav, the second Adolf's square and statue, the ‎‎Opera House, built in the ‎nineteenth century, boasting a beautiful neoclassical facade adorned ‎‎with statues, ‎arches, and ‎Corinthian and Corinthian Tuscan columns and the Swedish Parliament‎‎. Next, admire what is ‎said to be Stockholm's most beautiful building: the Riddarhuset, or "House of ‎‎‎Nobility.‎ The ‎island of nobility is to ‎see the final resting place of Swedish kings and Stockholm's ‎only ‎preserved medieval monastery, ‎‎Riddarholmen Church, with a panoramic view over Malaren's ‎lake, ‎including the king's island and the ‎city hall. ‎Next, we will walk ‎back to ‎ Stroll the quaint ‎and beautiful cobbled streets of the old town "Of Gamla ‎Stan" – dating back to the 13th ‎century ‎‎and admire the stunning architecture of royal Stockholm ‎on this fun and fascinating ‎introductory ‎‎welcome tour of the Swedish capital's highlights. Next, we will take a short ‎trip from Sulussen to ‎the hunting ground Island "Dureholmen" to visit the Vasa ship museum, the home port disaster. ‎It was the pride of the Swedish Navy never completing her maiden voyage, but her story lives ‎on. "Next, we will walk to the South Island to visit St Katarina church, the panoramic view of ‎‎Stockholm‎.”‎

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    4 hour

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    • Spring
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    • Summer
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    • Linköping/Saab Airport
    • Port Of Norrköping
    • Norrköping-Bråvalla Airport

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