Abisko: Guided Sunrise Morning Hike with Hot Chocolate

Swedish Lapland, Sweden
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Between Darkness and Twilight - The Colors of Sunrise in the Arctic Circle

Here in Abisko, one of Sweden's northernmost towns, the sun set on December 6th, 2022, marking the start of the polar night. The polar night lasts for several weeks, until in mid-January to mid-February, the sun will rise above the horizon once again and the light will officially return to the many towns and regions above the Arctic Circle.

Impatiently, we await the return of the sun, a special time that we will celebrate by hiking to Bjorkliden to welcome the sun. As the sun rises, the sky shows us stunning displays of pink, orange and purple, covering even the snowy mountains.

During the hike, we will enjoy the stunning views of Abisko Village, Lake Tornetrask and Lapporten. Our experienced guides will show you off-trail places that you will not be able to visit on your own. When we arrive at our viewing destination, we will enjoy traditional Swedish cookies and hot chocolates while we admire the sunrise and the pink pastel sky.

Celebrate the Culture and Natural Beauty of Swedish Lapland

This is the perfect tour to take to explore the beauty of Swedish Lapland. Our guides will teach you about this natural area, and show you the most important facts to understand this unique region, from the ground to the sky. We will tell you the stories about Lapland and its inhabitants, the Sami people, Abisko and Kiruna and the polar nights.

Swedish Lapland is full of ancient traditions and culture, Lapland is the land of the Sami people, last indigenous people of Europe who call the area Sápmi. It is also the home of unique animals like reindeer, moose, fox, Arctic hares and Arctic owls. Our guides will give you some tricks to spot them during the hike and in the nearby natural areas and reserves!

After we have enjoyed the hike and the hot chocolate surrounded by stunning views, we will head home to Abisko.

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    4 hour

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    Swedish Lapland

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    • Spring
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    • Kiruna Airport
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