Stockholm: Underground Metro Art Ride with a Local Guide

Stockholm, Sweden
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About this experience

This experience is provided by an independent Local.
You will be a part of a small group of 2 to 6 people.

Dive beneath Stockholm's surface on an enthralling journey through the world's longest art gallery—our metro system! More than a transit network, it's a sprawling canvas where over 150 artists, from the 1950s to 2000s, have birthed an awe-inspiring exhibition.
With over 90 unique art installations nestled across 110 stations, the subway tells a riveting tale of Swedish art and cultural evolution. Our carefully designed tour reveals the most captivating creations, from vibrant paintings and complex mosaics to striking sculptures, delicate reliefs, and ever-changing installations.
Beyond art, we'll unveil the city's archaeological treasures, like ancient columns, hidden in this subterranean world, adding an intriguing historical depth to our journey.
However, this is more than just an art tour—it's a passport to Stockholm's heart and soul. As we wander, I'll share local secrets about the best cafes, restaurants, bars, and undiscovered gems. Seize this opportunity to immerse in our culture, savour the city's charm, and maximize your Stockholm visit. Embark on this extraordinary adventure today!

You don't have to worry about the metro ticket, it is included.

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    1.5 hour

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    • Spring
    • Autumn
    • Summer
  • Nearby stations

    • Stockholm Central Station
    • Stockholm Arlanda Airport
    • Port Of Stockholm

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