Stone & Story: Rosslyn Chapel & Melrose Abbey Day Trip

Central Scotland, Scotland
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About this experience

Embark on a literary and historical odyssey with our "Stone & Story" day tour an enchanting journey designed to captivate the hearts of literature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Our exploration begins at the mystical Rosslyn Chapel, where the intricate carvings and mysterious ambience inspire those drawn to the secrets and symbolism made famous by the Da Vinci Code. Delve into the medieval marvel's rich history and its association with ancient mysteries, providing a fascinating glimpse into the intersection of literature and legend.

Continuing our pilgrimage through literary landscapes, we arrive at Abbotsford House, the cherished home of Sir Walter Scott. Walk in the footsteps of the iconic author as you traverse the grand rooms, peruse the extensive library, and explore the idyllic grounds that fuelled Scott's creative spirit. A haven for literature enthusiasts, Abbotsford House immerses visitors in the timeless allure of one of Scotland's literary giants.

Venturing further into the Scottish Borders, Melrose Abbey awaits—a poetic ruin that beckons with tales of chivalry and romance. Discover the heart of Robert the Bruce and absorb the atmospheric beauty that inspired both poets and history-makers. At Scott's View, stand where Sir Walter Scott found inspiration in the sweeping vistas of the River Tweed and the Eildon Hills. Our day of literary and historical exploration concludes at Dryburgh Abbey, where the tranquil ruins echo with the stories of Scott's final resting place, offering a serene finale to a tour tailored for those who seek the intersection of literature and history in the heart of Scotland.

  • Duration

    8 hour

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  • Destination

    Edinburgh & The Lothians

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  • Best time to visit

    • Spring
    • Autumn
    • Summer
  • Nearby stations

    • Edinburgh Waverley

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