Roslin: Christmas Magic Walking Tour

Central Scotland, Scotland
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About this experience

Step into a winter wonderland with our enchanting Christmas tour through Roslin’s historic gems. Begin at Rosslyn Chapel, adorned in seasonal splendor, where centuries-old mysteries meet holiday magic. Wander to the illuminated Rosslyn Castle, its majestic silhouette framed by festive lights. At Roslin Parish Church, discover a tranquil haven adorned with Christmas cheer, and hear tales of local traditions. Conclude your journey in Roslin Glen Park, where woodland trails beckon under a canopy of twinkling lights. Amidst nature’s embrace, uncover the joy of the season. This captivating tour weaves history, architecture, and nature into a festive tapestry, promising a magical Christmas experience in the heart of Roslin.

  • Duration

    2 hour

  • Type of tour


  • Destination

    Edinburgh & The Lothians

  • Country


  • Type of experience


  • Best time to visit

    • Spring
    • Autumn
    • Summer
  • Nearby stations

    • Edinburgh Waverley

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