Trondheim: City meets Nature

Trondheim, Norway
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We will leave Pirbadet close to the cruiseship port by coach and drive through the modern part of the harbour. Before arriving at the city center, we will pass Solsiden "the sunny side" where many students and locals spend their free time at the outdoor restaurants and cafés. The tour continues to the official royal residence, Stiftsgården, and the former fish market Ravnkloa. From there we will progress up the mountains, where we will get an impression of Trondheim's surroundings. Not too far from Trondheim is the Grånåsen sports facility center where the Nordic World Ski Championship will take place in 2025. Ski jumping is actually possible all year around because of the facility’s artificial ski grass.

Following Grånåsen will be Sverresborg, the town’s folk museum, complete with an old stave church and preserved wooden houses that were typical for the region. After passing Sverresborg we will make a photo stop at Sverresli viewpoint to enjoy Trondheim from above and witness the city’s charming skyline.

On the way back to city center, we will pass by St. Olav’s Hospital, the biggest medical and research center in Norway. In the proximity of the hospital there is Studentersamfundet, the building of the Student Association ofTrondheim, as well as the Gløshaugen campus and the main building of NTNU, the biggest university in Norway.

On our way back to city center, we will make another stop at Kristiansten Fortress. After the devastating fire in 1681, the fortress was built by architect Johan Caspar Cicignon in order to defend Trondheim. Construction was finished in 1685 and soon after the fortress protected the city from invading Swedish forces in the early 18th century. Due to its vantage point, the fortress was also used as a fire watch for the many wooden houses below. Cannons, which are used for ceremonial purposes, can still be found there.

We continue on to our final stop, Nidaros Cathedral (Nidarosdomen). On the way we will pass Bakklandet, the oldest district in Trondheim, characterised by its colourful wooden houses. The cathedral was built in the 11th century and modeled on Gothic and Romanesque styles. Additional work and renovations have continued since then. It is one of Scandinavia’s most stunning and grandiose cathedrals as well as the best well-preserved Gothic building in Northern Europe. Trondheim and Norway as a whole are very proud of this magnificent building. Entrance to the cathedral is not included on this tour.

Before we return to the port, we will see the Old Town Bridge (Gamle Bybro) and the old warehouses on Kjøpmansgata (Merchant Street).

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    • Trondheim Central Station
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    • Østre Kanalhavn

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