Lordehytta - 22 km return trip

Southern Norway, Norway
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Far into the mountains you find the cabin Lordehytta, built by Lord Salvesen at the beginning of the 1900s.

A lot of people take the long hike to lake Vivatn to see the cabin that towers magnificently and almost magically on the vast moor. It is a nice, but quite long and hard day hike, ap 3 hours walk from Røysland.

The trail is unmarked and we recommend using a map and a compass. The hunting lodge is privately owned, and is therefore not open to the public. Nevertheless, it is such an impressive sight amidst the mountains that just seeing it is well worth the walk!

More information about Lordehytta and how to get there may be obtained from the tourist information at Minne kultursenter (Cultural Centre).

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    • Vatnestrøm Station

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