Kanelstranda (Cinnamon Beach)

Southern Norway, Norway
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The pale brown sand of Kanelstranda has given this lovely beach its name - "kanel" being the Norwegian for "cinnamon". This is one of the many beaches in the nature park of Furulunden and many locals consider it their personal favourite.

The beach lies on the outskirts of Furulunden and has a wonderful view out over the archipelago. The water is shallow which makes it a suitable bathing place for young children.

To get there, simply follow the main walking path from the gracious summer estate of Risøbank. There is a public toilet close to the beach.

If you visit Kanelstranda in autumn, winter or early spring, you will be able to experience the unusual and beautiful effect of the light on the sand. When the sun is low in the sky, the pale brown crystals infuse the otherwise chilly surroundings with a warm glow.

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    • Spring
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    • Marnardal Station
    • Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik
    • Kristiansand Port

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