Tromso: 8-Day Dog Sledding Expedition with Alaskan Huskies

Tromsø, Norway
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About this experience

This expedition is an adventure like no other. Limits will challenged by dog sledding through the remote and wild terrain of
the Arctic. You will learn to set up camp in freezing temperatures, look after your sled dogs and get closer to nature than ever before.

Day 1 - On arrival to Tromsø airport, you are welcomed by your expedition guide and transferred the short distance to our kennel at Tisnes, the home to 130 high-spirited Alaskan Huskies. The first night is spent here sleeping on reindeer skins, with the fire going, in traditional Sami tents. At the kennel, the guides will go through all the specialist equipment and prepare you for the great outdoors. Coffee and waffles will be served during a pre-departure briefing. In the evening, a cosy dinner is served in the main Lavvu.

Day 2 - Enjoy an early breakfast in the Lavvu before we load all the dogs, sleds and equipment into trailers and board the bus for the scenic two-hour drive to the Signaldalen, the starting point for our adventure.
Guides will assist you to set up your team before you hit the trails and sled off into the vast wilderness. The goal for today is roughly 30km through mountain forests to the Three-Nation Border (between Norway, Sweden and Finland). Here we set up camp for our first night in tent.

DAY 3 to DAY 6
This is where the true journey starts and the day by day itinerary is at the mercy of the Arctic terrain and the ever-changing, often unforgiving conditions.
The expedition will take you approximately 250km through mountain forests, over frozen lakes and on high plateaus in cold, challenging conditions but the route is not fixed.
Your experienced guides will continually assess the conditions and take you on an adventure through a world completely different to your own. Decisions on the route and camping areas will be taken based on conditions at the time, with maps in hand, like true polar explorers. The routes are limitless, a real Arctic playground.

Conditions allowing, the plan is to spend another night wild camping before reaching our unique campsite ´Fish Camp` at Rostojavri on Day 4. Here, you are treated to an overnight stay in a cabin to warm up and refresh in the sauna before two more nights in the wild.

A super early start today as you have a huge distance to cover through Øvre Dividal National Park down to our pick up point in Dividalen. You will be expert mushers by now so enjoy the last ride and soak up the wild beauty down to where our transportation will be waiting for us.
Once we have packed up all the equipment and dogs, it is time to head back to the city. Now rest and relax because you DID IT!
Your last night will be in hotel accommodation in Tromsø city centre and the group will enjoy a dinner together in the city to reflect on the adventure and share experiences.

Departure day - Sadly this is where we all say goodbye… with memories to last a lifetime!

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    • Tromsø Airport
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