Bodø: RIB to Saltstraumen with a sea eagle safari

Bodø and Salten, Norway
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About the trip
Rib trip/zodiac tour to Saltstraumen and sea eagle sfari

Saltstraumen is a must-do adventure in Bodø. In one package you can experience the world’s strongest tidal current, white-tailed eagle (sea eagle) safari and sea rafing. Saltstraumen is at its stronges four times per day- Based on theese times we will take you there in a rib/zodiac.

-An adventure you won't forget. This is an exciting and fun trip designed for the whole family.

What is Saltstraumen?

Saltstraumen is one of the Wild Wonders of Europe. Every six hours up to 400 million cubic meters of sea water forces it way through the 150m narrow strait. The current can gain speed up to 20 knots, which can create whirlpools up to 10m in diameter- An attarction you should not miss when visitng Bodø.

Sea eagle safari and sightseeing

The white-tailed eagle is Northern Europe’s largest bird of prey and their wing span can get up to 2,4m. We make several stops on our way to Saltstraumen, where we tell you about the surroundings and focus on getting a close-up encounter with the eagles. So don’t forget to bring a camera! The skippers are known in the area and will tell intersting stories connected to the Bodø area and will gladly answer any questions during the trip.

  • Duration

    2 hour

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  • Destination

    Bodø and Salten

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  • Best time to visit

    • Spring
    • Autumn
    • Summer
  • Nearby stations

    • Bodø Station
    • Bodø Airport

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