Oslo: Self-Service Floating Sauna Ticket

Oslo, Norway
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About this experience

Embrace your inner Viking at our floating saunas in central Oslo, located in the modern waterside neighbourhood of Tjuvholmen, nearby the Astrup Fearnley modern art museum.
Enjoy relaxation and beautiful views out onto the water, and a and refreshing dip in Oslofjord.
We are open from 0700 until 2100, with sessions ranging from 1 - 2hrs. The saunas are heated in the morning from 0700 and usually keep warm throughout the day by sauna users. If the sauna oven is not lit on your arrival, we have fire starting material that you can use to easily fire up the oven. The saunas have heaters installed meaning that the sauna are never below 15 degrees - this makes them it much quicker to heat.
Floating saunas and ice bathing are an authentic Nordic experience which combines both nature and urban life, making you feel alive and energised. Go to the sauna with your friends, or make new ones there, whilst engaging in an activity that is healthy, fun, and refreshing.

Note: Our saunas are self-service meaning you must open the sauna yourself (code is 5179), and you will be required to light the sauna oven unless someone has been there before you. We provide all firestarting materials. The saunas are heated so will already be around 15 - 20 degrees on arrival, making them quick to heat up. We pre-heat the saunas every morning so they are hot by 0700, the first session of the day. Catch you in the sauna, goat!

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    1.5 hour

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    • Spring
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  • Nearby stations

    • Alta Airport
    • Oslo Central Station
    • Port Of Oslo

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