Galway: Dark History Walking Tour of Galway City

Hidden Heartlands, Ireland
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About this experience

Experience Galway's dark history on a night time walking tour through the city's eerie cracks and crevices. Operating in the winter months, the tour reveals the city's harrowing past. Step into the shadows and uncover the chilling secrets that lurk behind the charming façade of this historic city.

After meeting your guide, start your trip by immersing yourself in the dark happenings of Galway in days gone by. Hear about the origins of Halloween in Ireland. Immerse yourself in the myths and legends that have woven an eerie tapestry around this ancient celebration. Unravel the mysteries as you traverse Galway's streets under the cover of darkness.

Listen to stories of murder, mystery, and terror as you follow your guide through winding alleyways, revealing hidden corners where echoes of the past still linger. Hear tales of executions, hangings, and haunting occurrences that have left an indelible mark on Galway's history.

Journey to the heart of Galway's dark history as you visit sites where chilling murders once took place. Discover the city's ominous past as you listen to accounts of witch trials that unfolded on its streets.

Feel a shiver run down your spine as you hear about ghostly apparitions that continue to haunt the city's nooks and crannies. As you cross over to the darker side of Galway, let the hair on your neck stand on end and your skin prickle with goosebumps.

This tour is designed for those who dare to venture into the unknown and for those with a brave spirit, ready to explore the shadows. With each step, you'll become part of Galway's dark narrative, facing its unsettling past head-on.

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  • Duration

    1.5 hour

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  • Destination

    Hidden Heartlands

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  • Best time to visit

    • Spring
    • Autumn
    • Summer
  • Nearby stations

    • Shannon Foynes Port
    • Ireland West Airport Knock
    • Athlone railway station

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