Dublin Day Trip to Belfast, Titanic, Giant's Causeway by Car

Dublin, Ireland
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About this experience

Book this exclusive full-day tour to discover the complex history and cultural heritage of Northern Ireland and its capital Belfast. Admire the picturesque green landscapes of Éire, discover the country’s Celt, Viking and Anglo-Saxon roots, learn about the Good Friday Agreement, and more. Let us take you on an adventure!

Choose the 8-hour option to discover the best highlights of Belfast, NI. For your comfort, this full-day tour includes a round-trip transfer in a private car with pickup and drop-off directly to your Dublin accommodation. The journey will take approximately 2 hours each way, so sit back and enjoy the beautiful Irish scenery along the way. In Belfast you will be joined by a 5-Star Local Guide who will introduce you to the fascinating history of this relatively new capital, and explain how Northern Ireland separated from the Republic of Ireland.

The guided tour includes a visit to the Peace Wall that divides the Falls and Shankill Road in the western part of Belfast. The famous colorful murals are a reminder of the violent conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants, and a promise of a peaceful future for Ireland. You will also see highlights of the Old Town, such as the magnificent Town Hall, and visit the beautiful Belfast Cathedral (entrance fee included). Another highlight will be the old shipyard where Titanic, the most famous ship of the 20th century, was designed, built and launched in 1912. Discover the true story of the Ship of Dreams!

Choose the 11-hour option to enrich your experience of Northern Ireland with a self-guided visit to Giant’s Causeway. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and national nature reserve famous for its unparalleled natural beauty. We promise that you haven't seen anything like this before! Walk over the basalt columns that are at the edge of the sea while learning about an ancient volcanic fissure eruption that created this natural wonder.

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    8 hour

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    • Spring
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    • Dublin Connolly railway station
    • Dublin Port
    • Dublin Airport

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