Carve a ring from Wax

Dublin, Ireland
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About this experience

Our wax carving class is a perfect place to start if you want to give wax carving a try and have some fun!

We understand how daunting it is to start something new & how easy it is to lose it, if you don’t use it We pride ourselves on small intimate classes, this is so that:

1. You, our students feel comfortable in your new explorations.

2. Our teachers can really get to know you and help and guide you through each class.

What is wax carving and how does it work?

For centuries, Jewellery artisans have been sculpting their own Jewellery designs from wax!You start by learning about the lost wax casting process.

You will then be shown samples of wax rings before and after they were cast.

Your tutor will then give you a sample piece of wax to practice carving before moving on to getting creative and carving your own ring

.You have the option to make a standard width ring (that is included in the price) Or you can choose a thicker ring for and extra €20, including casting.

Embrace your creativity with your designs while our expert will help you bring your idea to life, while learning new skills.

This wax carving class is suitable for complete beginners and those looking to learn something new while having some fun. Once you’re finished carving your design, it’s then ready to be cast!

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    2.5 hour

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    • Spring
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    • Summer
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    • Dublin Connolly railway station
    • Dublin Port
    • Dublin Airport

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