World War II Private Guided Walking Tour of Dublin

Dublin, Ireland
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About this experience

Despite Ireland’s neutrality during World War II, Dublin was bombed several times by German air raids. Join this exclusive WWII history tour to discover how “The Emergency”, and the preceding First World War and the Irish War of Independence, shaped the nation. Learn about WWII from a new perspective!

Choose the 2-hour option to learn about “The Emergency”, related events, places and people. On 2 September 1939, the Irish government declared a state of emergency. Although the country remained neutral throughout the Second World War, a lot occurred during “The Emergency.” During this walking tour you will learn about the internment, censorship of the press and correspondence, and control of the economy. You will also learn how WWII affected the unification, the role of the Irish Republican Army, and the Irish Army deserters who joined the armed forces of belligerent nations. You will see the infamous Kilmainham Gaol where the IRA members were detained and executed, and explore the Irish National War Memorial Gardens dedicated to the victims of WWI. The final stop will be the monumental Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park, which commemorates Arthur Wellesley, an Anglo-Irish soldier who was one of the leading military and political figures of 19th century Britain. It will be a tour full of history, so take advantage of the full attention of your Private Guide to learn about the events, places, and people that interest you the most.

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    • Dublin Connolly railway station
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