Reykjavik: Aurora Reykjavik Entrance Ticket

Reykjavík, Iceland
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About this experience

Explore the world of the mesmerizing northern lights at Aurora Reykjavík, the Northern Lights Center of Iceland. The museum is an unmissable stop for all things northern lights, all year around!
Whether you are getting ready for hunting the northern lights in nature of simply want to know all about the fascinating dancing lights, Aurora Reykjavík has you covered!

Start our visit with a journey across the cultures of the Arctic region and explore northern lights folklore and mythology through the ages.

Discover the science behind the Aurora Borealis: from the Sun to our atmosphere, see how the northern lights come to brighten up the dark Arctic nights. Learn about the different shapes and colours and how they appear to the naked eye.

Sit back and relax under the northern lights in our movie theater. Let us take you on an adventure around Iceland with our 30-minute 4K timelapse movie of dazzling Aurora Borealis displays. Not two are the same!

Next, put on our virtual reality goggles and watch world's first 360° VR northern lights movie. Gaze at the Icelandic night sky and see the Aurora dance for you. An immersive experience that will transport you out in nature - while still indoors!

Are you planning your northern lights adventure? Discover the expert's tips and maximize your chances of success.
Plus, learn and practice how to take perfect photos of the Aurora at our specially designed northern lights photo simulator.

For additional exciting content, listen to our QR based audioguides and become a true northern lights expert.

At the end of your visit, grab a cup of coffee and stroll through a unique selection of local art and souvenirs in our boutique. Meet our founders and our team of award winning photographer and northern lights experts, we are always happy to share our knowledge!

Aurora Reykjavík is conveniently located in the heart of the Grandi Harbour District, just steps away from the city center. Public Transportation (line 14) and free parking also available.

For our most updated opening hours, visit our website

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