3-day Canoe Tour "Lake Koitere and Its Pearls"

Lakeland, Finland
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About this experience

This 3-day canoe tour is a perfect way to explore the beautiful Lake Koitere and its surrounding nature. You will start your journey in the small village of Koitere, located in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland.

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique and pristine nature of the area, with its crystal clear lakes, lush forests and rolling hills. You will also have the chance to explore the numerous islands of Lake Koitere, each one offering its own unique charm.

In addition, you will be able to take part in various activities, such as fishing, swimming, and even a traditional Finnish sauna. At the end of the tour, you will be rewarded with a delicious dinner, prepared with local ingredients.

This tour is the perfect way to experience the beauty of Finnish nature, and to create unforgettable memories.

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    • Summer
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    • Savonlinna Railway Station
    • Joensuu Railway Station

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