London: Harry Potter Locations Walking Tour Thru APP

South East England, England
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About this experience

Emmerse yourself in the enchanting world of Harry Potter right in the heart of London. You'll follow the footsteps of the famous boy wizard, uncovering magical spots from the beloved series.

Begin your adventure at Westminster Station. From here, walk down the bustling Parliament Street, then find a peaceful moment at the serene Whitehall Garden. Continue to Scotland Yard. You'll then find yourself in the vibrant Trafalgar Square, a key spot in London. Dive into Cecil Court, a hidden gem that inspired the magical Diagon Alley.

There's more! See the theatre showcasing "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child", then stroll along Tottenham Court Road, a familiar name to Potter fans. Don't miss Platform 9¾, where wizards and witches catch the Hogwarts Express. You'll also cross the iconic Millennium Bridge, shown in the Harry Potter films, and visit Leadenhall Market, the real-life Diagon Alley.

This captivating walk takes between 2 to 4 hours. You'll conclude your journey at the majestic Tower Bridge, a fitting end to your magical exploration. Discover the wonders of Harry Potter's London, and when your tour wraps up, soak in the beautiful views at Tower Bridge.

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