Odense: River Cruise on the Odense River

Fyn, Denmark
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About this experience

Since 1882 Odense River Cruise has been sailing people up and down the river. Depart from the center of Odense, pass the Odense Zoo and arrive at the beech forest in Fruens Bøge for a relaxing stroll or simply return to the center of Odense.

Enjoy the tranquillity of the water while listening to the birdsong, which may or may not be accompanied by a lion’s roar while sailing past Odense Zoo. Odense Aafart’s tour boat will moor at the zoo after the relaxing trip on the stream where you will be passing many beautiful gardens located in the old quarter of Odense.

Start sailing from Odense City heading for the forest in Fruens Bøge. During this whole trip, you'll be surrounded by many beech trees, making you feel like you're in the countryside and not in the city center.

Take the opportunity to disembark in the forest of Fruens Bøge and go for a walk, enjoy a picnic basket or have lunch in one of the surrounding restaurants, and take a later departure back. You can also stay aboard the boat, sail out and return home on the same trip as you go on a sightseeing ride.

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    1 hour

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    • Spring
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    • Summer
  • Nearby stations

    • Hans Christian Andersen Airport
    • Odense Harbour
    • Svendborg Harbour

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