Aarhus: Self-Guided Mystery Tour

Aarhus, Denmark
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About this experience

Awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes! Become a detective for a day with this self-guided murder mystery tour that will take you through the beautiful city of Aarhus.

In 'The Murder by Aarhus Å', you are taken back to 1934, where, as a skilled investigator, you have to solve the brutal murder of Merete Hermansen.

Luckily for you, the murder has been committed recently, giving you a massive advantage as the leads are fresh. But the clock is ticking, and with every minute that passes, the killer increases his or her chances of covering up the murder, creating an airtight alibi, or worse, escaping.

In the case there are 6 possible suspects, but who do you think is the murderer and what evidence is the basis of your suspicion?

'The Murder at Aarhus Å' starts with you and your team of investigators gathering at Bispetorvet, where you start solving the murder mystery.

The whole mystery of 'The Murder at Aarhus Å' takes place inside Aarhus City Center. Once you have solved the mystery, you can read about the actual case behind the mystery in 'The Murder at Aarhus Å'.

So gather your friends and family and begin your journey.

Good luck! You may need it..

The murder mystery tour is available any time after you collect it at the pickup point.

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    2 hour

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    • Spring
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  • Nearby stations

    • Aarhus Airport
    • Midtjylland Airport
    • Aarhus Rutebilstation

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