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Partnering with Ravlling

What are the benefits of partnering with Ravlling?
Ravlling is an innovative travel search platform which uses state of the art technology to help travellers with their search and inspiration for conscious travel in Northern Europe.

Partnering with Ravlling equals an expanded market reach, access to new customer segments, increased brand visibility, so in short: more exposure for the wonderful destination, experience or stay you promote.

How can I partner with Ravlling?
When you contact us, we'll schedule an online meeting to discuss collaboration opportunities tailored to your needs. Once we agree on the specifics, partnering with us is straightforward. We'll handle the technical aspects to seamlessly integrate you into the Ravlling platform.

Should I report errors or outdated info?
At Ravlling, we use information from your website to enhance our platform. It's essential to keep your website updated with accurate information. If you notice any discrepancies or outdated content on Ravlling, please let us know at We'll promptly review and update the information on our platform to ensure its accuracy.

Can I request the removal of a specific destination, stay, or experience from Ravlling's platform?
As a partner, you cannot directly remove specific destinations, stays, or experiences from our platform. However, if there are inaccuracies or outdated information regarding your offerings, please ensure your website is updated with the correct details. Then, kindly notify us at, and we'll promptly review and adjust the information displayed on Ravlling.

How does partnering with Ravlling work and what are the costs?

How much does partnering cost me?
We're aligned in our mission to inspire travellers with remarkable local destinations, experiences, and stays. Let's explore if your organisation qualifies for our free trial period, where we can both experience the benefits of our partnership. After the trial period, partnering with Ravlling operates on an affiliate marketing basis.
Here's how it works: Ravlling inspires travellers and guides them to your booking engine. For each successful reservation made through our platform, Ravlling receives a fee. These fees are reinvested to promote conscious travel, ultimately bringing more purposeful guests to your business.

When does Ravlling charge affiliate marketing fees
You're charged a fee when:
– A guest completes a stay or experience, having checked out or participated and paid.
– You offer non-refundable bookings, regardless of guest stay or participation.
– You offer partially refundable or non-refundable bookings.
– A guest doesn't show up or cancels after the free cancellation period ends.

What is Ravlling's 0% fee programme?
New partners enjoy a free trial period to experience the benefits of our collaboration. Afterwards, our partnership operates on an affiliate marketing basis, where a fee is charged for each successful reservation made through our platform. These fees support our ongoing efforts to promote conscious travel and enable you to welcome more purposeful guests over time! Additionally, non-commercial partners and/or offers may qualify for permanent access to our 0% fee program, further enhancing our commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships.

How can I become eligible for Ravlling's "Conscious Travel label"?
At Ravlling, we recognise the challenge guests face in finding green or eco-friendly stays and experiences. That's where we come in. To maximize the benefits of our partnership, we recommend regularly updating your facilities to showcase the sustainable measures you've implemented. This includes reducing plastic, water, energy consumption, and food waste, as well as utilizing green energy and actively engaging with your local community. By taking these steps, your relevance score will naturally increase, making it easier for conscious travellers to discover you on the Ravlling platform.

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