Press release - 30 May 2024

New AI-powered travel platform increases economic equality through eco holidays

New Tech4Good Ravlling offers the most complete overview of conscious travel destinations in Northern Europe

- Travellers support local communities and charities

- Focus on spreading tourism

- Ravlling reduces pressure on vulnerable nature areas

New Tech4Good company Ravlling is launching today, enabling travellers to easily find their sustainable holiday. By showing the most complete overview of hidden gems, the Ravlling platform entices visitors to book 'conscious' trips. The company was founded by 4 seasoned entrepreneurs, who are shaking up the travel industry with their ingenious platform.

Repeated research by Wakefield Research and UNESCO, among others, shows that 1% of travel destinations receive 99% of all tourists. This 'overtourism' has disastrous consequences such as irreparably damaged nature, lost local culture and economic inequality. The good news is that almost 90% of travelers are interested in sustainable options, but 7 in 10 feel unsure when it comes to choosing these new travel destinations.

By using Ravlling, travellers - based on their initial broad search - will be surprised with sustainable stays in countries and regions that they would not normally think of. Ravlling collaborates with about a hundred local tourist information centers. In addition, for every booking of an accommodation or activity, an amount is donated to a carefully selected charity in that country.

The magic behind the new venture is an innovative combination of Gen AI and Graph Database technology. Tons of external mega data are filtered and converted into content usable for the traveller. The heart of the platform is AI-powered vector search technology. Unlike traditional keyword searches, the hyper-intelligent Ravlling system understands the intent behind a search. In other words, the question behind the question.

This technology is able to identify unexpected or imperceptible similarities between destinations, combine them with travel preferences, and make valuable suggestions based on this.

Together with the extensive database, this leads to the most surprising ideas for a sustainable travel destination. Ravlling offers travellers a unique service in their quest to put together their travel plans. Ravlling focuses on the steadily growing group of 'conscious travellers', who would like to travel differently, but often find their search for remarkable places with a positive impact too complex and long

In addition, Ravlling also welcomes travellers who are new to conscious travel, but are willing to try it out. For founders Roy Scheerder, Karmen Kekić, Heini Withagen, this is not the first time that they have disrupted the travel industry together: "In Northern Europe, only 20% of revenue remains with the local community. And this contrast becomes even greater in rural areas. areas where only 5% of the traveler budget benefits the local economy, culture and nature. Ravlling's Tech4Good can really change that."

Co-founders Claire Dussenbroek and think the platform is a win-win situation on multiple levels: "Ravlling not only inspires travellers by proposing extraordinary experiences, but helps nature recovery and supports local communities. Even the smallest change in your travel habits can make a difference. Every traveller who wants to 'do good' immediately makes a meaningful contribution through Ravlling."

The Ravlling platform starts with 10 popular Northern European countries and is continuously expanding its offering.

Book and support charities!

Did you know that Ravlling helps local charities with your support?

For each booking made through us, we donate part of the proceeds to one of our carefully selected local charity partners. At no extra cost to you.

Your travels make a difference!